Monday, 18 June 2012

Simple - Succulents

I was pushing succulents and cacti this weekend for Fathers Day, but they're one of the more masculine things we sell, but they're not just for men.  Although they're probably not your first thought when it comes to flower arranging, they do actually make a very cute display.

If time, patience and fiddly flower arrangements are not your thing, then succulents are your friend.  Easy to handle and repot, unlike their prickly cacti cousins, succulents come in a range of subtle green/grey/lilac shades, are low maintenance and really long lasting.

There are lots of different types too - Echevaria, Sempre Vivum, and Crassula Argenteum are some of the most popular. Echevaria, one of my favourites, has large plump leaves that form a striking rosette shaped plant.

I like them in low wooden planters, zinc troughs, window boxes and vertical wall gardens, but they look fab in silver goblets, bowls and platters, and are fun in mismatched groups of pewter jugs and trophys.

Line em up or gather in clusters for a simple succulent display.

Images: magnetstreetfoundon8thdesignspongecountry livingruffledcatherinegratwicke

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