Friday, 1 June 2012

A Floral Crown - Fit for a Queen


I love how everyone  is getting into the mood to celebrate the Jubilee. Flags are at the ready and bunting has been strung along the shop fronts of all the local businesses.

I've been doing the window displays for Caversham's newest massage therapists Le Masseur Personnel since they opened. This month, they set me a challenge and rather last minute asked me to come up with a floral crown for their Jubilee window. 

"Cool, no probs, of course I can do that" I said. Only thing was, it had to be very lightweight to be able to sit in their existing suspended display box, so oasis was out of the question. I'll figure it out, I thought and went away to play with some wire.  One snipped finger and a few chicken wire scratches later, this is what I came up. 

I used coloured decorative wire to make the outline shape, reel wire to make the fleur de lys, orb and crosses, to which I added beads for jewels. I then attached chicken wire around the base and arranged thistle, carnation spray and gypsophila through this as a floral alternative to the usual Ermine. Don't think Queenie would mind, do you? 

After all, Queens get a free massage this weekend ; ) (everyone else gets 10 %)

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