Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Vintage - A rose by any other name

Another contender for my favourite flower, or my favourite rose at least, is this beautiful rose called Amnesia. Its dusky antique pink is such a perfect colour for vintage style weddings. It works really well with the antique laces, and bridesmaid dresses in mocha and chocolate that have been popular with some of our brides at Ashley Blooms.

Sweet Avalanche, above, is also a personal favourite. Its a beautiful large headed rose, with a lovely shape and delicate blush pink hue. This shot doesn't really capture just how lovely they are so will try to get a better snap on here sometime soon.

And lastly Blue Curiosa. This large headed rose has blue tones that would work really well with purples. It opens quite quickly, with centres reminiscent of garden roses and not dissimilar to the David Austin roses that have been so popular over the last few years.

Before becoming a florist I wasn't really struck on roses, but nowadays I love them more and more, with waxflower, eucalyptus, hydrangea or just on their own.

Spring blooms and blossoms

Spring has definitely sprung, and new signs of life are springing up everywhere. I went for a walk along the river at Sonning and snapped some lovely blossom.

We have had Hyacinths in the shop at work for a while, their heady scent just reeks of spring.

I snapped these snowdrops whilst visiting friends in the Peak district. They are so lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world. Must be like being on holiday every day.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Picnic lunch alfresco

Now that the weather is picking up I am looking forward to lunching alfresco. On a sunny day it really is one of life's little pleasures to take time out from busy routines and snaffle a few home made sarnies sprawled out on the grass.

If the sun shines for long enough I might even risk a little dip in the water! These shots were from a BBC Homes and Antiques shoot by the riverside in Henley with Charis White. I styled the hamper and braved the cold (it wasn't as warm as it looks) to pose in the last shot!

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Pretty potting shed

I'm longing for a garden of my own. If I had a little potting shed as pretty as this I could happily while away many an afternoon nurturing seedlings, and pootling about. This gorgeous garden house, styled by Charis White for BBC Homes & Antiques, is far too lovely to be called a shed. Bedecked with breezy swallow print curtains using Up in the Air from Vanessa Arbuthnott's Sky collection.  The chest of drawers was covered in fabric too by local company, Kitsch-en-sync. Purty!

Friday, 18 March 2011

Bright and breezy

I'm so glad the mornings are getting lighter. Its wonderful to wake up to bright sunny rays streaming through the windows. Have decided I am definitely not a winter person.

You couldn't fail to wake up in a good mood with this perky decor though, shot with Katrin Cargill for Homes and Gardens last year. The stripey papered ceiling and bed canopies give a real quirky spin to classic reds and whites.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Love letters

I have developed a bit of a thing for post boxes lately. Like red london buses, and old phone boxes they seem seem so quaint and make me all nostalgic for times gone by. Some of these boxes still take pride of place in neat village greens while others are swamped in the undergrowth and look rather sad and neglected.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Upstairs downstairs

How beautiful is this staircase? I love spiral shapes whether they're natural or man made and often find myself doodling spirals.

This is a fabulous floor isn't it? Both gorgeous features were discovered on a trip to Greenwich for a shoot at the National Maritime Museum.


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