Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Vintage - A rose by any other name

Another contender for my favourite flower, or my favourite rose at least, is this beautiful rose called Amnesia. Its dusky antique pink is such a perfect colour for vintage style weddings. It works really well with the antique laces, and bridesmaid dresses in mocha and chocolate that have been popular with some of our brides at Ashley Blooms.

Sweet Avalanche, above, is also a personal favourite. Its a beautiful large headed rose, with a lovely shape and delicate blush pink hue. This shot doesn't really capture just how lovely they are so will try to get a better snap on here sometime soon.

And lastly Blue Curiosa. This large headed rose has blue tones that would work really well with purples. It opens quite quickly, with centres reminiscent of garden roses and not dissimilar to the David Austin roses that have been so popular over the last few years.

Before becoming a florist I wasn't really struck on roses, but nowadays I love them more and more, with waxflower, eucalyptus, hydrangea or just on their own.


  1. Amnesia Roses are my favourite! i came across this rose via a picture when getting inspiration for my wedding. I have stuck to this rose and am adament it will play a role at my wedding! A x

  2. Good choice, they are gorgeous aren't they?

    How are you getting on with planning your wedding? Check out my wedding board on pinterest for more pinspiration (ahem!)

    ; ) xx



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