Monday, 9 May 2011

Mid Century Design and the 1950's Living Room

This year is the 60th Anniversary of the Festival of Britain. Over the next four months the Southbank Centre is hosting a whole series of events to commemorate the festival and celebrate British culture.

As part of the activities Wayne and Gerardine Hemingway put together a Museum of 1951 in the Royal Festival Hall and commissioned BBC Homes and Antiques Interiors Stylist Kiera Buckley-Jones to create a Fifties room set as part of the exhibition. I was asked along to assist and jumped at the chance because I'm a big fan of fifties fashion and furniture.

Below are some pics of the room we created, which features fabulous iconic Mid Century Design including a swoonsome Ercol sofa and nest of tables, vibrant Lucienne Day and Sanderson printed fabrics, and an Ernest Race armchair.

(last 3 images by Sean Myers for BBC Homes and Antiques)
Mid Century Design is highly sought after at the moment and this exhibition provides not only inspiration for those looking to incorporate some elements of the Fifties style into their homes, but is also a good starting point for researching the social changes and technological advances that brought about a revolution in design.
For more details of the items sourced for the room set, and better pics follow this link

The exhibition runs all summer and is free to boot, so do make a point of getting yourself down to the Southbank Centre. Visit the website for a full list of all the events taking place as part of the Festival of Britain. (Personally I am looking forward to all the Vintage happenings, Ray Davies Meltdown and a whole weekend of events curated by the marvelous Stewart Lee)

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