Saturday, 25 June 2011

Which Dusky Roses for your Vintage Wedding?

So many lovely roses in the shop this week, I'm spoilt for choice.  If you're looking for dusky shades to complement a vintage wedding theme.. read on.  You may have heard of Blue Curiosa, or Cool Water both of which are blue toned mauvey lilacs, that have been the go to roses for brides looking for dusky shades. I'll come back to these another time, but if you're looking for something similar how about these sweetie pies..

The roses above are Ocean Song, a soft, subtle lilac-pink rose and a really gorgeous shade. Neat and compact they're perfect for your bridal bouquet or for your bridesmaids and would work really well as a buttonhole for the groom and ushers - especially lovely with dove greys or browns.  The colour seems to be more intense in the centre, with soft paler tones on the outer petals.

 If you're looking for a slightly stronger violet toned rose, these beauties above are Pacific Blue. They're a little more lavender/lilac than mauve, so more blue and less pink. Think Parma violets.  They really are sweet and feminine but so sophisticated with it.  They have lovely pink guard petals (the outer petals), which personally I love to keep on, but they could be removed if pinks didn't work with your colours. Simply beautiful on their own, mixed with other antique shades, in a classic hand tie of soft muted tones, or wild and rustic - I just love a bit of rustic. How would you have yours?

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