Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Colour Inspiration - Peach, Coral and Gold

I'm really loving peaches at the moment, the colour not the fruit (I prefer nectarines) and I've been thinking about how to put them together with other colours. 

As a florist, and stylist I get excited by colour all the time as I go about my daily life and so I thought I'd share a colour inspiration with you. Today I took my cue from my jewellery box, some habadashery bits and some new stationery and threw together some pretty pics. 

Here are my top tips for using peach: 

  • Turn up the volume a little and be inspired by India with vibrant corals and jade greens. 

  • Pair peachy pinks with aqua and turquoise greens, and gold.

  • Add warmth with a little earthy brown, and muted champagnes.

  • Add interest to a simple palette with modern graphic patterns - like spots, stripes or chevrons

This could be the first of a new series on colour. I will look more at flowers, obviously as thats my thing, but wanted to show how if you're thinking about colours for outfits, decor or flowers and how to put them together, if you keep your eyes open you're bound to find inspiration is all around.

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