Thursday, 21 June 2012

Ribbon & Wrap

It was Father's Day at the weekend, and I had a little gift to wrap for the old man. On this occasion, I'd bought a small box to present my offering in. Very simple and plain, it was the classic brown kraft paper type which I love - but it needed a bit of dressing up.

Digging into my craft supplies I found thick cotton ribbons in navy and white stripes, white with a contrast running stitch, and a similar style in a pale duck egg blue. Then I raided the paper stash. Mmm lots to choose from.

I liked the simplicity of the gift box so much I decided not to wrap the whole thing. Inspired by all things nautical lately I plumped for the sailing ships, I got busy with the scissors, layered it with a soft grey envelope and played around with ribbon. How cool, I thought, if it looked like the ship were sailing on a ribbon sea... 

Ahoy there!

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