Saturday, 16 June 2012

My Little Corner of the World

No flowers today, but wondered if you'd like to come on a little stroll around town? These photos were snapped in the neighbourhood on a quick lunch break, in between grabbing a sandwich and dashing to avoid a downpour.

There are some pretty buildings round these parts, if you take the time to to look. Exquisite architectural details, like those turn of the century leaded windows. Love the old advertising signs too. Malt bread anyone? Or straw?!

Most of all, I love this shops old tiled floor. This used to be a great haberdashery store back in the day. Now its an upmarket travel agents. I suppose crafts went out of fashion for a while - I blame the 80's and all those flashy loadsamoney types.

There's definitely a bit of a crafts revival going on now, and lots of interest in hand and home made goods. I'm hoping as a result that more habadashers will set up shop in town, cos I do love a bit of habadashery, don't you?

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