Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Which roses for the blushing bride?

Blush shades have been a bit of an obsession of mine lately (see also "peachy keen" and "peaches and cream") and it seems I'm not alone. Personally, I think its just the prettiest way to work a hint of colour into an otherwise fairly neutral theme.

These beautiful roses are called Talea. They are a pale creamy blush with warm peach tones that radiate from within their tightly wound spirals.  In fact their colour is kind of hard to pin down. They're a bit of a chameleon as they take on different tones when put with other colours, which means they're incredibly versatile.

With whites, creams, greens, and silvery grey foliage they appear fresh and elegant. They work wonders with warm russety reds, oranges and corals as they have that underlying peachyness. And because their base colour is a sort of flesh tone they're also lovely combined with pinks.  Raspberry, plums and berry shades would be my recommendation.  

If your colour inspiration starts with peach, raspberry, plum, chocolate browns, sage or olive greens, Talea roses would definitely be worth a look. If you're not sure what type of roses would complement a vintage theme, dress or bridesmaids dresses in any of the above colours, this could be the rose for you.

If you're in need of more blush inspiration pop over to pinterest. There's lots more lovely stuff on my wedding inspiration board and I've just started a wedding cake board too. (I must be hungry!) You can follow me here and there to keep up to date with latest finds. 

Ta ta for now x

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