Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Simple vases - Single stems

This weeks simple vases could not be any simpler so there's really no need to worry if your flower arranging skills aren't up to much! 

If you ever get a bouquet and don't know what to do with it, or are thinking about how to display flowers for a dinner party or a more formal event, rather than trying to arrange them all in one vase, you could try using stems individually with a group of vases.

I feel a bit like Delia Smith teaching everyone how to boil eggs, but here are some tips and tricks for a pretty group of single stems in simple vases.

  • An unusual selection of vases will make an interesting display.
  • Bottles come in all shapes and sizes. Look out for interesting necks, curves, and waists. 
  • Oil and vinegar bottles, mustard and pickle jars are all great makeshift vases. 
  • Raid the drinks cabinet for coloured glass and curvy bottles. 
  • Wine goblets, whisky tumblers and sherry glasses are perfect for flowers. 
  • Keep old cosmetic and perfume bottles - but wash with diluted bleach and rinse thoroughly before use.

If you want to give your display a little personal twist you could:
  • add a little food colouring to the water
  • try your hand at tinting glass 
  • follow this diy to learn how to paint the inside of bottles with enamel paint.

Using single stems shows off both the bottle and the individual flower, but there is still a bit of an art to it. Try out some of the following and see what difference it makes to the overall look of your grouping.

  •  Use large, heavy blooms cut short so that the head sits at the mouth of the container.
  • Think about proportions and leave some stems longer - suits tall slender vases
  • Give your collection of vases a little space, so that you can appreciate each one.
  • Vary heights/colours so that the whole grouping is balanced.

Most of all have fun with it, its not rocket science, its only playing with flowers.

Images via- Desire to Inspire, 100 Layer CakeDebi Treloar, Martha StewartMartha Stewart Elizabeth Anne Designs

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