Friday, 18 May 2012

DIY - Petal Confetti Cones

A bit of a different post for me, but I thought I'd share a little idea for all you DIY brides out there.

The notion came to me when we had some hydrangea in the shop that was dropping petals. I tried recutting and dunking but unfortunately this batch had got cold in the chiller before it arrived chez nous and wasn't having any of it. The scattered blue petals looked so sweet, and not being one for waste, I decided to make confetti.  

I am lucky enough to have a good stash of odds and ends of gift wrap and wallpaper remnants from shoots, so I picked some with pretty blue prints - a Sanderson Roman toile and a William Morris pattern. I experimented with a few different sized pieces of paper before settling on using 21 x 25cm, which was deep enough to hold plenty of confetti.

Then starting with a good angle on what would be the front of the cone, so that the back point was a nice height, I rolled the paper in on itself.... so. Pinched the end..

And folded it over neatly at the back of the cone, securing with some double sided tape. I attached some more tape to keep the joins at the back in place too. You could use a glue stick if you prefer. 

Then I made another.

And although it felt a bit cruel (as it often does when I cut a long stemmed flower short), I shredded the hydrangea of its petals and filled my cones.  

Make a stack in mixed papers, put them in a basket or zinc bucket with a note asking guests to help themselves. Easy peasy.  

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