Monday, 7 May 2012

Simple Vases

As a florist I love leaves almost as much as I love flowers. I think choosing the right foliage to complement your colour scheme and flowers can make all the difference to an arrangement. So this week I wanted to show you some different ways of using foliage in vases. 

How sweet is this little grouping of autumn leaves? Pretty delicate bud vases really show off the individual leaf shapes and colours. Try grouping different types of foliage in recycled bottles. Interesting shaped vinegar and oil bottles are worth holding onto for displays like this. Keep an eye out at antiques fairs and in your local charity shops for vintage perfume and milk bottles.

Large tropical leaves like Philodendron, Monstera, Cycas, Strelitzia and Palms are bold and architectural in shape.  You only need one or two per vase for a striking yet minimal effect.  Use them as a backdrop or let them take centre stage. 

For a softer feel choose branches with lots of leaves in lighter tones. These gorgeous russet shades of yellow and orange stop the arrangement being too dark and heavy.  This would look lovely for a sophisticated take on Halloween or for an autumn wedding. 


Show off the natural beauty of leaves by placing one or two length ways in vases of different heights.  Pick variegated leaves and look for interesting textures. Hosta leaves suit this sort of treatment. Some strong foliages can withstand being submerged for a long time, but in general I'd advise using only a little water to avoid foliage turning to mush.

For the more adventurous, make like Constance Spry and experiment with different types of foliage. These kind of arrangements are not necessarily simple, but you'll have a lot of fun playing, and as you can cut stems from the garden, and trim a little here and there on a walk in the woods, they won't cost you the earth.
For the less creative types, masses of one type of foliage, especially eucalyptus, in an urn or footed vase always looks fab. What do you think, could you fall in love with foliage?

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