Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Stash in the Attic

It was time for a reshuffle in the shop. I could tell. I was getting fidgety and this only normally happens when I've been looking at the same four walls for too long. So, enlisting a few handy helpers I ripped out the window display, moved stuff hither and thither and got the menfolk to heave a rather hefty old wooden sideboard down from the metaphorical attic.

There was talk of painting it, but actually I'm rediscovering a love of dark wood furniture. Maybe I've just seen so much of the stuff whitewashed for sale in antiques yards lately. Although midcentury sideboards are all the rage at the moment, I think there's still a place for granny chic. Admittedly this may not be it, but it'll do for now. 

Thought it looked rather lovely topped with classical style urns, pots and lanterns and decked with vintage toned blooms. (Just look away from the horrid tiled floor! And, yep, that picture's gotta go too!) Where do you stand on the brown furniture debate? 

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