Friday, 28 May 2010

Take the rough with the smooth

How much am I loving these lush, vibrant greens. Just love the crackled green against the grain of the wood. I have to admit I have a bit of a thing for lichen, though not so much that i could tell you what type this is, maybe I will have to rectify that and become a lichen geek.

Recently I used some beautiful lichen branches for a twiggy arrangement that featured in June's BBC Homes and Antiques. I was inspired by wild rambling hedgerows and used some fallen branches encrusted with lichen and some old man's beard (no not an actual old man's beard, a type of wild vine that once flowered has a fluffy cotton wool like seed)

In contrast with the rough texture of the lichen, how gorgeous are these glossy glass pots and vases, shot whilst on work experience at McQueens. I won a floristry competition at New Covent Garden Flower Market and as part of the prize got to work at the top florist's branch in Old Street, London. The shop is gorgeous, with huge windows and lovely display fittings like this old wooden desk. I came away with lots of ideas, totally invigorated and inspired.

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