Sunday, 30 May 2010

Bank Holiday Bizarre

I'm a big fan of bizarre and totally embrace english eccentricity. The weirder the better sometimes. So when I heard that the pretty little village of Sonning, was holding a Scarecrow Trail I thought what better way to spend the Bank Holiday. There was a really good turnout and the villagers had put so much effort into making their Scarecrows. Here are just a few of my favourites.

Dorothy's red shoes are such an iconic image. I actually believe that every time a girl dons her red shoes she is secretly imagining herself as Dorothy, clippety clopping down her own imaginary yellow brick road. Well I am anyway.

Loved this old boy in his blazer and school cap. "I say, spiffing!" What a handsome face too. Strictly speaking, probably not doing his job as he wasn't scary at all. You should have seen some of the other scarecrows, I mean why do you think I only photographed Dorothy's feet?! (her face was shockingly frightening - in fact its burnt into my memory like a bad dream!!)

This trio of crash test dummies were strung up across the street, and their entry entitled Hung Parliament. They had photos of 3 dummies pasted onto their faces, but I thought they looked more attractive from behind. Check out their pinstripe trousers flapping in the wind, as though they are leading us all in a merry dance! Indeed.

A proper scarecrow, at last. Kinda scary, but also sort of beautiful. Note the false eyelashes. She was stood outside the post office in a scene from Cranford. (If thats what its called, I'm not up to date on Period dramas).

And lastly a ghostly pair from the local school. Looks like the younger girl was not such a keen scholar and had to be dragged into school by her big sister.

I was really amazed by the creativity and workmanship of all those involved. Well done people of Sonning! I hope your efforts helped to raise some funds for the village.

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