Monday, 31 May 2010

Shabby Chic

The long weekend is over, the sky is grey and a soft drizzle falls outside my window. On days like this I long to escape for a while, on a little adventure to somewhere sunny. This cute little bijou hotel would do nicely.

Taken whilst on holiday in the south of France, myself and my gal pals de vacances, had taken ourselves out on a day trip up into the hills above Nice. After a long and rather dizzying drive through ramshackle villages, we arrived in Grasse. The grand old buildings up there are testimony to a time when wealthy tourists came to revitalise their spirits and take the air, as others would take the water elsewhere. After a tour of the famous Perfumery (lost on me I'm afraid as my sense of smell is not the greatest), we had a picnic lunch taking in the vista, and slurped ice creams whilst ambling leisurely through cobbled streets.

That was when I saw this cute hotel. Understated, a little rough round the edges, but charming too. Almost the definition of Shabby chic. If only I'd had time to have a nosey around inside, but we had to run for the bus, and head back to Nice. Another time maybe..

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