Sunday, 1 August 2010

Blendworth Fabric Shoot

Mid July I was working on a shoot for Blendworth who are launching a new line of fabrics designed with Steve Dobinson and wanted shots for their pattern books, and press images. Interiors stylist Cat Huckerby asked me along to help out.

I really liked the dogtooth checks which they had used to upholster some great midcentury armchairs, and the botanical prints with a fifties feel (see above)

Cat used a variety of understated tones and textures as a subtle complement to the fabrics.

Here we had just shot a story using fabric attached to the wall with Gutter tape (the panacea of almost every conceivable styling conundrum - Gutter tape works wonders) I liked the simplicity of the shot after most of the props had been removed, although admittedly, it wouldn't sell much fabric!

A pile of plump, squishy cushions. Whoever said you can never have enough cushions has never been more right. Oh yeah, it was me. Same goes for shoes, and bags!

After 2 days shooting, we were all in need of something stronger than tea. I was secretly coveting a G&T served in a pretty lilac china tea cup. Is that so wrong? These were a prop hired from the Lacquer Chest, so sadly I had to make do with tea, out of a mug.

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