Thursday, 19 April 2012

Classic Wedding Flowers - Roses

With romantic associations dating back to Greek and Roman times, roses have come to symbolise love and passion. So its no wonder then that they are still by far the most popular choice for wedding flowers.

Traditionally white roses were also symbolic of purity, chastity, innocence, and new beginnings. Regardless of whether today's brides have these values at the forefront of their minds when choosing roses, the Rose's beauty remains timeless and they have become a true wedding classic.

Whether its white, ivory, cream, small or large headed roses you seek, there are so many lovely varieties to choose from.

Big and blousey ivory Avalanche roses are still a firm favourite of mine, but Norma Jean is a another new contender for my heart. Large headed and full, it opens to reveal the most amazing scent. If you're looking for a scented rose, you should definitely consider these.

One that I personally am not fond of is Akito. Granted, it is a true pure white, but its mean little head is so delicate you barely have to look at it and it bruises. Wish the growers would bring out a new pure white large headed rose because so many brides request them to match their gowns. Maybe I should just stop being such a clutz!

If warm tones are more your thing, Vendella is a real gem of rose that holds up well and works with vintage shades, chocolate browns, peaches and creams. Its worth taking the time to compare your roses with other flowers that are in your theme.  You'll be amazed how much they can appear to change when alongside different colours.

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The full head-to-head rose hand tie is still much in demand (yawn!). Why not make it your own with these touches:

 Add a little soft foliage edging - silvery grey dusty miller is a popular choice now and complements soft muted tones and pastels.

Ask your florist to add a little rustic collar of vines, jasmine or twigs, they look great with some berried Eucalyptus leaves.

Create textural interest by using a mix of different sizes and shades of roses. And don't forget sweet spray roses. 

 Add tufts of leafy greens to soften the effect. Try mint and honeysuckle for fragrance. 

Ask your florist to finish your bouquet with vintage lace, satin or an antique brooch. If its special to you, even better.

Instead of binding the length of the stems, try a bow and leave your ribbon tails long so they trail and flow.

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Are you thinking about Roses for your wedding? Which ones are you opting for, and how will you have them arranged? I'd love to know. Call me nosy if you will.

I'll feature more classic wedding flowers in the coming weeks with ideas for bouquets and arrangements. Next time, Calla Lillies.

Photos: apart from first which is my own, images from here, here, & here Last 2 images source unknown. Please get in touch if you know so that I can credit. 

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