Friday, 18 November 2011

Sunny Flowers

Sunflowers scream summer to me, their big golden faces following the sun like night follows day. Along with Gerbera, and maybe daffodils they have got to be one of the most cheerful flowers around. They remind me of summer holidays as a child, when my folks still braved the long drive down to the South of France.

Summer's over, and Autumn's well and truly here and yet we still have these big beauties in the shop. All around me are people hurtling towards Christmas - shopping, baking, planning, crafting - and I'm still holding on to the last days of Summer.

Its been amazingly mild over here. Mid November and today was officially a no coat day - yay! I have to admit I'm dreading donning the usual trillion layers to stay warm in the shop. But such is life, time doesn't stand still, and neither should it. I remind myself that winter is only spring resting.

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