Monday, 14 November 2011

Simple wrapped vases

Want to give new life to an old vase, or create unusual table centres? Try wrapping. There are so many ways to decorate or cover a plain vase. Here are just a few for starters:

Have a rifle through the cupboards and experiment with fruit, and vegetables. For best results use a straight sided vase (jam jars would be perfect) and either tie with raffia or ribbon or glue your materials to a piece of fabric or twine, and secure discreetly. 

Asparagus tips tied with raffia look fab. Savoy cabbage leaves would look great too, but don't prepare too early otherwise they could smell, well,... a bit cabbagey! 

Dried food stuffs would obviously work well - think herbs like rosemary, and sage leaves. Combined with hessian or linen these would look really sweet and rustic - I do love a bit of a rustic!

Other than fabric and food, another simple and effective way to wrap a vase is using yarn, wool, or garden twine. Secure with a small knot to start with and leave a long thread to tie off later. Then just wind away until you've covered a little or a lot.

Oh, did I mention how partial I am to a bit of rustic? Well these birch covered vases are totally up my street, what do you think? Although not widely available in the shops as such, Birch bark does come in flat pliable sheets. Just wrap around your vases to give your table a beautiful woodland feel. Simple.

photos from Pintrest - here, here, and here 

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